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A Letter from Rabbi Miller

Your opportunity for protection during these trying times….

The Talmud relates that when the students of Rebbi Eliezer HaGadol asked him,
“What will be incumbent upon a Jew to do during the upheavals at the advent of the Geula (Redemption?!)”

The Rebbi succinctly replied, “Complete immersion in Torah and Deeds of Lovingkindness (Gimelus Chasadim!)”

Despite the restrictions and quarantine of the current plague, the Salant Kollel continues its dedication to learning and teaching Torah and Mussar (while adhering to all directives of the Health Ministry).

Please join us on the front lines of protecting and strengthening the Jewish People in Israel and the world.

Rav Zvi Miller authored the first and only translation of HaRav Yisrael Salant’s magnum opus, the classic “Ohr

Rav Miller has been investing tremendous energies into igniting the renaissance of the Mussar Movement in Israel and the USA, carefully following the pioneering ‘map’ of HaRav Yisrael Salant ztz”l.

However, the Salant Institutions, dedicated to disseminating the sweetness of Torah and Mussar through education and
example – is now facing its most difficult challenge to date.

Rav Miller is recovering miraculously well – Baruch HaShem – from brain surgery. While the prognosis is excellent, the Rav’s vital leadership has been missing for months, and we need your participation today to help continue the blossoming of the Salant Foundation!

One of the great sources of Jewish joy flows from giving. HaRav Dessler ztz”l famously taught that it is not Love that leads to Giving; It is Giving that leads to Love.

Salant Foundation gives to the Jewish People all year long – this our purpose and vision. Now that it is almost Pesach, we would like to present you with the opportunity for increasing joy by requesting you to please join in this unique opportunity to support our institutions survive the current emergency.

Rabbi Tzvi Miller