Perspective plays a primary role in our receptivity to Mitzvoth. If we view Mitzvoth as a chore that “we have to do,” we will not have much enthusiasm in Mitzvoth. After all, what are we gaining? Whereas, if we understand that Mitzvoth are completely for our benefit, we will approach the Mitzvoth with joy and vigor.

In this light, the Ramchal states, “The purpose of each Mitzvah (both the positive commandments and the prohibitions) is to help a person attain a particular level of excellence or to remove an area of deficiency.”

In this light, each Mitzvah that we perform is like healing tonic for our soul. HaShem, our Creator, knows our nature and the necessary elements of perfection. He reveals to us the Mitzvoth in order to bring us spiritual wellbeing.

From this perspective, the performance of Mitzvoth is not a burden that we have to discharge. Rather, it is a gift from HaShem that totally serves our benefit. In fact, the knowledge of Mitzvoth and their performance is the most efficient and effective system of rectifying our nature.

Perhaps this sheds light on the account in the Talmud of Rabbi Beron. Once, when he timed his morning prayers to coincide with the exact second of sunrise, it caused him to smile the entire day! Rabbi Beron knew that sunrise is the most auspicious time for morning prayers. Therefore, he was happy because he accessed the ultimate healing, blessing, and rectification that accompanies the Mitzvah of prayer.

TODAY: Perform Mitzvoth with the awareness that they are enhancing and refining your spirit and soul.