Just as a small seed engenders a fruitful tree, so too, each person contains a potential that can carry him to great heights. How do we access our true inner strength so that we grow to our full level of goodness, wisdom, and purity?

When Elijah the Prophet was nearing his departure from this world, he wanted to bless his student, Elisha. Realizing the precious and unique opportunity of the moment, Elisha said to Elijah, “Bless me with twice the level of prophecy than you have.”

Elijah responded, “I accept your request. However, I cannot fulfill it until I begin to ascend to Heaven.” Indeed, when Elijah ascended to Heaven in a “Chariot of Fire,” he blessed Elisha with twice the level of prophecy that he himself possessed.

However, the question arises: How can a person give more than he actually possesses? The sum cannot be greater than its parts.

Elisha knew that his body masked the true radiance of his soul. However, when his soul separated from his physicality, the full magnitude of the soul was illuminated, allowing Elijah to bless Elisha with a double portion of prophecy.
Even while alive in this earthly world, Elijah reached a great level of holiness. Nevertheless, that was only half of his soul’s true power. If this is true of Elijah, how much more so this is true of us, who have are quite distant from his holy level of prophecy.

May the knowledge of our true level of holiness and purity inspire us to elevate ourselves to always higher levels of spirituality.

TODAY: Rejoice in knowing that you have vast supplies of untapped holiness, kindness, and wisdom.