A Glimpse of Light

Refuah Shleimah for Ruchama Sheindel bas Henya Gitel Miriam

As Avraham sat outside his tent looking for guests to invite for a meal, the Torah tells us, “He lifted his eyes and saw: Three men were standing over him; he saw – and he ran toward them…”

If the “three men were standing over him,” they were right next to him. If so, why did he need to “run towards them”?

The soul is comprised of three spiritual components: nefesh, ruach, and neshama. The nefesh powers movement, the ruach endows us with speech, and the neshama is the faculty of intelligence.

During times of normal consciousness the awareness of our spiritual powers is minimal. The earthiness of the body dims the light of the soul. However, a holy experience parts the veil and we become aware of our inherent holiness.

Prior to the arrival of the guests, “HaShem appeared to Avraham.” The revelation of the Shechinah – the Divine Presence – opened Avraham’s perception of his holy soul. The Torah hints of this occurrence by the phrase, “He lifted his eyes and saw: Three men were standing above him.” The “three men standing above him,” represent the three parts of his soul – nefesh, ruach, and neshama! Avraham experienced the great joy of recognizing his true holy self.

Each one of us possesses a brilliant soul. Through spiritual activity such as a prayer, we come close to HaShem. The holiness of those precious moments, grants us the opportunity to discover our exquisite spiritual essence.

May HaShem bless us, as he blessed our father Avraham, to know our holy, pure, and eternal soul!

TODAY: Close your eyes and sense your inner goodness. Realize this is your true essence. Continuously heighten the awareness of your holy soul and fill your heart with expanding waves of joy.